Category: owning a ferret

Housing your ferret

Ferrets make wonderful pets because of their engaging personalities, playful activity and fastidious nature. Housing is important for your ferret, whether you keep them inside or outside. If your ferret is a house ferret... They can easily be trained to use a litter box because they tend to habitually urinate and defecate in the same... Read more »

Handling your ferret

When awake, ferrets generally exhibit constant activity. However, they can be easily picked up and gently restrained by using both hands to support their weight and provide security from falling and injury. How should I pick up my ferret? It is important that you pick up your ferret correctly in order to avoid frightening or... Read more »

Ferrets: a history

The ferret, also known as Mustela putorius furo (which in Latin means 'bad smelling weasel') comes from the 'Mustelidae' family and is a domestic pet, not a wild animal. However, ferrets are descendants of the European polecat (weasel) and are, therefore, close relatives of skunks, mink, otters and badgers. The history Ferrets are unusual animals,... Read more »